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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you are their Guardian, we will gladly contact the Facility and depending upon the admission, will send one of our Providers.

If we are Credentialed to visit the Facility your Family member is at, we will gladly visit just them.  If we are not credentialed, we will contact the Facility directly to ensure we are able to in the future.

 We have a plan in place to ensure your Loved ones’ needs are always met, regardless of the day or time. A Medical Maryland Star Choice Provider is always available for emergencies and our Admin staff are available by phone, email or our App for all general questions.

 We have created our very own App that you can download and message us directly with. You can call our office staff during regular business hours and you can always email us too. Email is not Hipaa protected so please only use it for general contacts. Our App is a fantastic and easy way to message your Medical Maryland Star Choice Provider and receive a direct response – and if you have a general question, our Admin Staff will respond that day. 

Medical Maryland Star Choice Providers practices in our local communities, with the intention of providing the best care to every patient, while always working with the facility and Hospitalist to ensure their needs are met. we understand that you and YOUR loved ones are often new to this process and we strive to provide excellence in the care we provide. Our goal is to ensure that while also maintaining the current standards of care that are expected nationally in our “specialty”, we never lose sight of you and your Loved ones needs and wishes.

You can currently find us at over 2 dozen facilities across the state of Maryland. If we aren’t at your Facility, let us know and we will call to set up a relationship with them. We live where we work and want to be part of your community too.

Yes it is.  We take HIPAA compliance very seriously. From multi level IT safeguards to our Code Of Conduct, we will not tolerate any instance in which your Loved one’s records are not protected or kept confidential. If you ever wish to speak to someone about any concerns in this area, you can call our Office Manager directly at 410 600 3744.

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